System of abuse – Inside Queensland’s mental health system

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Epictetus once stated; “Is freedom anything else than the right to live as we wish? Nothing else.” And how true that is.  Is it not our right to live as we please without interference? As long as we are not harming another, why would anyone be locked up without their consent based on government legislation? And why, as a society, would we allow that?

More than ever my thoughts go out to the the victims of the the ‘mental health’ system. The mental health system in Australia and many other parts of the world, is not a lawful system at all, and as such is being used by many different kinds of dubious people, including politicians, to lock up people that they consider a threat.  It is also a potential ‘playground’ for mental health employees with psychopathic tendencies or sadistic sexual fetishes to access vulnerable people who are debilitated with…

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Russia treats Iran as responsible world citizen !!!!

V.O.A. says, “Israel Troubled by Planned Russian Missile Sales to Iran” !!!!

Because the US has allowed the Iranians enough freedom to develop their country into a modern nuclear power, it is clear that they feel the Iranians have also achieved the minimum level of responsibility necessary to be allowed to act as fully authorized world citizens !!!! Clearly the Russians also share this belief, so it appears equally clear the US is contradicting itself when it objects to the referred to air defense deal simply because it finds it hard to disagree with Israel !!!!

B.B.C. says, “Russia to build Iran atomic reactors at Bushehr” !!!!

The Iranian Nuclear Containment Vessel !!!!

V.O.A. says, “Kerry says, “Challenges in Nuke Talks Are Political, Not Technical” !!!!

The real appeal of nuclear weapons is that they exaggerate one’s weight on the world stage !!!! All countries should be treated equally simply because they are self-contained for & in the service of their own citizens !!!! Sadly, to be treated with the correct level of respect ( which only the super-powers seem to enjoy these days ) one must actually, physically and mechanically do the real work of research and development necessary to successfully build a system of nuclear defense !!!! The real issue here is, is Iran up to the test of containing such a high concentration of power within it’s borders, or will Iran become dominated by some hostile element with the un-intended consequence being their own destruction and that of their more un-popular neighbors !!!!

V.O.A. says, “Obama Pokes Fun at Journalists, Politicians” !!!!

As the “dis-agreement” in cyber sin with Iran begins to turn into the typical “marriage” between those of the opposite sex, it seems that only Obama has the “nuclear-fuel” to inject or poke a little fun into the world today !!!!

The “Son” of “Stuxnet” !!!!

V.O.A. says, “Cyber War Rages Between Iran, US” ….

V.O.A. says, “The report says, “Iran” “learned” from a virus called …. “Stuxnet” …. “inserted” into its nuclear program, allegedly by U.S. and Israeli intelligence services in 2012.” ….

I have a “huge-problem” with the U.S. and Israeli intelligence services “learning” ( after “the-successful-penetration” of an “impossible-to-identify” “vaginal-security-hole” ) the “necessary-knowledge” of the “only-partially-correctly-functioning” “Iranian-nuclear-researcher’s-computer-systems”, “to-allow” the “virus-software-developers” of the U.S. and Israeli intelligence services “to-develop” …. “Stuxnet” ….

I have an “even-huger-problem” with having to perform the above task at least once more, accept with a “successful-physical-insertion” of …. “Stuxnet” …. that can actually “feedback” to it’s “originators”.

Apparently the purpose of this excruciating double design process is to obtain advantage from the supposedly valuable data being fed back.

Apparently though …. “Stuxnet” …. “backfired” as “knowledge” was “learnt” by the “Iranians” about the “physical-structure” of …. “Stuxnet” …. and re-fed back into it’s “originators” through some lied up absurd act of virus insertion revenge in a lied up cyber war of stupidity as …. “Son” …. of …. “Stuxnet” …..

“Perversion” of Religion

I do not consider your post to be in any way justifying the term savage !!!! As you say, we disagree, but if you want to continue this exchange, tell me why religion is not the quality of man that first separated us from the true savage !!!!

Sharp and Pointed

The latest fashionable leftist (and right-centrist–Obama) lie is that ISIS is “perverting” Islam.

It isn’t.

It’s “perverting” Islam no more than abortion clinic bombers are “perverting” Christianity. The justifications for their murderous actions are right there, spelled out in black and white, in their “holy” books.

(For now, since I’m much more familiar with Christianity than I am with Islam, let’s talk about Christianity and the Christian “holy” book.)

I know some very kind-hearted Christians: good, decent people who I love. Why are they kind-hearted, good people? They cherry pick the Bible. They ignore the barbarous, inhumane passages and concentrate on the loving, do-unto-others passages.

In contrast, cruel, mean-spirited Christians concentrate on the vicious, mayhem-inducing passages in the Bible.  To cite only the most outstanding, murder-inducing verses (look ’em up, please): (Adultery) Leviticus 18:20, 27; 20:10; Deuteronomy 22:22;  and Ezekiel 23:36-37 and 23:45-47;  (Lying) Proverbs 6:16-19, 12:22; (Remarriage) Deuteronomy 24:4; (Sex…

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Would you destroy art because you interpret it not as intended by the creator ????

In Iraq, Syria, Battling to Preserve Cultural Heritage Under Siege“, says V.O.A.

When one has slaved their entire life to build things that are meant to inspire others, I cannot see why others see this as an offense to their God based on His objection to idolatry. When what has inspired you rubs off on others there is no alternative but to use “material” go betweens !!!! These vandals seriously offend ME as what was intended to rub off from these beautiful works of art can only enter another willing mind !!!!

Islamic State Sets No Limits to Destruction“, says V.O.A.

Maybe the Son of Allah could set Him a limit !!!!

Everyone is an adopted Son of “Abba” !!!!

Abba” is Aramaic for “father” according to !!!!

Maybe the Son of Abba could set Him a limit !!!!

“His-Christ-Baton” !!!!

Helen Goodenough :- Maybe this is what happens when “Christ” has grown “tired” ( and forgiven ( and suffered for ) “His” last sin ) !!!!

Instead of “dying”, “He” picks up “His-Bat” and passes on “His-Christ-Baton” to David Crofts Incorporated ( “Mrs-God-bother-rer-Christ / Helen Goodenough” ) !!!!

Helen Goodenough been praying to get a good-hard-whack from a whacker that wont get tired and die before the job is done !!!!

“Uh-oh, the piñata’s begat the botwop’er now.”